Soft eye and hard eye hook splicing with available with your order Natural and Synthetic Outdoor ropes for Gardening and Decking including Hemp, Sisal, and Manila

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View all rope from The Rope People including 3-Strand, Nylon, Dyneema, Octoplait, polyester, polypropylene and more Marine and sailing ropes from The Rope People - Includes dinghy and winch lines, mooring ropes, and tow lines. Garden and Outdoor Ropes, available in synthetic hemp, natural fibres hemp, manila hemp, sisal and twine. # Buy Pulleys and blocks from the Rope People UK Splicing tools, accessories, pre-spliced roped and more - The Rope People

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    • Garden & Outdoor Rope
    • Garden & Outdoor Rope
    • Please note: The diameter of all garden ropes can fluctuate slightly because of moisture in the air and the porous nature of the materials. It is for this reason we recommend drilling holes for use with natural ropes slightly larger than required or waiting to drill posts and railings until you have them in hand. Please call us if you would like more infomation or advice prior to buying your rope.

      Especially chosen for Garden borders and decorations, our hemp, sisal, and synthetic hemp ropes are durable, weather and UV resistant. With a good soft hand feel they're also well suited for decking railings, barriers, or other applications where they may need to be held to improve stability or footing, or corden off areas.  The ropes in this category are decorative in nature, meaning we wouldn't suggest using them to lift significantly heavy loads or for use in towing for example, but are ideal for use outside as a barrier or to hang planters from.  Hemp and sisal are naturally less abrasion resistant than synthetic fibres but hemp is also incredibly environmentally friendly: fast growing and very sustainable, and anti-microbial meaning hemp rope won't mould like some synthetics.

    • Theatre & Barrier Rope
    • Theatre & Barrier Rope
    • With options for stage design, props, and rigging, we have ropes perfect for all theatre uses.  Whether you're looking to add a level of authenticity to a production of The Pirates of Penzance with traditional hemp, manila, or sisal rope, or you just need some soft but strong theatrical rope we have it all.  Our most popular rope for theatres is a 'deep black' multifilament Polypropylene with high breaking strengths and a great handfeel, practically invisible against black theatre curtains -- it's economical and very light weight and strong enough to support scenery, not just actors.

      We also stock high tech Dyneema and Vectran ropes and wires for use with camera equipment.  Dyneema, SK78, and Vectran are low stretch fibres used to reduce bounce on supported equipment and is available in black colourways to reduce distractions in live environments.

      We also have ropes for use as sash cords, and larger diameter synthetic or natural hemp ropes perfect for hemp rigging, counterweight rigging systems, or fly systems, available in a variety of colours (including natural) ideal for colour coding which parts of the stage or equipment are in use. We stock rope for automated rigging systems too, for both types of motorised systems, motor-assist and dead-haul systems, with high breaking strenghts and enhanced texture for better control hoisting.

      There are a lot of options, so if you have any questions our friendly staff have over 25 years of experience with ropes and accessories and can be reached via phone (01634 298 428) or by email.

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