Guide to Knots

Knowing your knots is extremely helpful as you know that you'll always be able to tie the right knot for any situation. Here is a guide to some handy knots worth knowing!

Slippery Hitch

A slippery hitch is used to attach a line to either a rod or a bar. It can be tied quickly and released easily but does not offer very good strength compared to other knots.

Bow Knot

One of the most useful knots you will ever learn. A bow knot can be done quickly and is often used to fasten a mooring line to a post or ring. It’s also easy to untie.

Lobster Buoy Hitch

Often used for boating, a lobster buoy hitch knot is strong, secure and compact knot that is similar to the buntline hitch knot.

Granny Knot

A weak binding knot used to tie rope around an object. This knot can come undone easily.

Constrictor Knot

The constrictor knot is one of the most effective binding knots. It is simple to tie and is very secure once in place.

Turk's Head Knot

The turk’s head is a knot mainly used for decorative purposes but is sometimes used as anti-chafing protection.

Monkey Fist Knot

A monkey fist is tied to the end of rope as a weight, making it easier to throw.

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