Historic Weather Resistant Synthetic Hemp Garden Decking Rope

Code: VA1896

Garden Decking Rope - Historic Weather Resistant Synthetic Hemp

This soft to handle rope has the look and feel of a natural fibre rope, but as it is synthetic, does not shrink when it gets wet and is weather resistant.

This synthetic hemp (also known as hempex) rope is therefore perfect for use in a variety of different outdoor or indoor settings, including on stairs, as a balustrade on decking, as fencing and on children’s play equipment such as swings.

The golden brown natural colour of this highly durable synthetic rope allows it to blend in well with any decking, so it looks fantastic in your garden, as well as performing exceptionally well thanks to the grip and strength it offers.

24mm Synthetic Hemp Rope is our most popular choice of rope for Gardens and Decking.

Specifications -

Diameter (mm)         Breaking Load:

3mm                            60kg.

4mm                           120kg.

5mm                           190kg.

6mm                           320kg.

8mm                           500kg.

10mm                         800kg.

12mm                        1100kg.

14mm                        1500kg.

16mm                        2000kg.

18mm                        2400kg.

20mm                        3000kg.

22mm                        3650kg.

24mm                        4800kg.

30mm                        6400kg.

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